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REVIEWS for Alexandria Dog Training Company

Justin Marks


We are very pleased with the results of Sue's training of our puppy. But more importantly, Sue did a great job teaching us how to work with the dog.

L. H.

Alexandria, VA


Before going to Alexandria Dog Training and working with Sue, walking our adopted dog, Tango was a nightmare. She pulled constantly, would chase after cars, people, lawnmowers, and of course, squirrels. Our first dog, which is far more mellow than Tango, was generally ignored on walks because all attention and physical effort was put into keeping Tango from hurting herself and others.

Now, walking her is far more enjoyable. She stays by our side, generally ignores the things she wanted to chase before, and understands commands we never thought possible. As a result, our quality of walks/lives has improved dramatically.

Sue also spent time training us, almost as much as Tango, because we need to know how to identify Tango's triggers for bad behavior and how to enforce good behavior while correcting bad behavior. We were given the tools and knowledge to not only reap the benefits of Tango's training, but also ensure that Tango doesn't regress on her improvements.

It does take effort to help enforce what Sue teaches to your dog, but the end result is well worth the journey.

Susan K.

Alexandria, VA


Sue has changed my puppy's and my families life in remarkable ways. Before we met Sue we were exhausted and discouraged. Our pup, Rosco, a shepherd mix, was an anxious mess, constant barking and didn't listen or understand "no". We had received bad advice by from a previous trainer. We thought we were all out of options. I had a friend who referred us to Sue, I gave her a call immediately. She took the time (on a weekend) to sit on the phone with me and discuss the issues I was having with my dog and what her business and training was about as well as how to fix the problem. Our phone call lasted over 30 mins, she was extremely patient, understanding, and knowledgeable. Before even meeting her I knew we struck gold. The first training session she assessed Rosco. That day Rosco, was showing his true colors, a true bull in a china shop! Only six sessions/ six weeks later our Rosco was a well mannered member of our family. Something we thought would never be possible. What sets Sue aside from any other trainer I know is the fact that she actually cares about her clients and their pups. She is always there to answer our texts and calls, and has gone above and beyond with helping us and Rosco live our best life. We are so grateful we found her when we did!

Douglas Reyes

March 2021

Sue was brilliant with helping us train our 5 month old working line australian shepherd. Our puppy was extremely energetic and has a quick temper, but Sue was patient and used her deep knowledge to help us through the course. Highly recommend Alexandria Dog Training Company!

Sharon McCarter

February 2021

It was a great experience for us and 5 month old puppy, Cooper, to work with Sue. Cooper loved Sue and throughout his training he was attentive and receptive to her training methods. Sue was patient with us (the parents) as she helped to guide us on how to best handle Cooper when working with him on basic commands and heeling while on the leash. It is evident that she know a great deal about dogs and training and she loves what she does. She is a great trainer !

Pierson Brannan

December 2020

We did the puppy pre-school, the 10 day daily boot camp, then the four lessons with us, the humans. We were nervous at first, as during the daily phase we couldn’t know much about the training and we wanted to get started. But after those ten days, our little malinois had the perfect groundwork. Working with Sue during the four days made us more confident on the correct path of continued training, and transformed our little hell hound into a controlled half-hell hound. Would definitely recommend Alexandria Dog Training Co. to anyone looking to make a serious commitment to their dog’s training!

David G.

Alexandria, VA


We had a very positive and successful training regimen with Sue. First off you need to understand that while this is dog training, it is also owner training as well. You need to be ale to recognize that you need to be trained as well as your dog so that your dog understands what you are requesting them to do. So you will receive guidance on correcting your pet just as your pet will need to learn what to do when you command.

We have an Airedale puppy, who can be very stubborn when he wants to be. We are now able to take him on walks without lunging at ever dog passing by to play with, and who sits ever time we stop, heels when commanded and is a much better obedient dog than when we started. She recommended other corrective adjustments for his behavior at home which were implemented successfully as well.

Julie Row

Alexandria, VA

During our time working together, Sue offered us strong customer service and a wealth of knowledge. This reflects the extensive experience she has with training dogs. We received valuable advice, and she answered our many questions thoroughly. Our rescue pup was also quick to respond to her guidance. To that point, we also greatly appreciate the work she has done with dogs at local shelters, as this is a cause close to our hearts.

Judith Hadley

March 2020

We were looking for help with our small dog's aggressive behavior towards other dogs while on leash. Sue has helped us dramatically change our pup's behavior so that it is a pleasure to walk with him. The one-on-one attention tailored to our needs has been terrific. Added bonus- other behaviors he is learning that challenge him and give us better control of his on-leash behavior. We are delighted to have found Sue!

Laura P

March, 2020

My mini poodle and I love working with Sue! In a few short weeks, my dog has learned to heel, sit, down, stay and more and I feel confident that we will be able to maintain these behaviors after training is done. Sue shows you how to train your dog, tailoring the hour long lessons to what you and your dog need most. She also provides you with a training collar and two leashes (6 foot and 15 foot). I highly recommend Sue as a skilled, experienced, and altogether professional dog trainer.

Wizard of AUS

Sep 3, 2019

Brilliant concept. Sue is the original "dog whisperer" with an uncanny ability to bridge the emotional, social and communicative gap between dog and human. She found what she loves and calls it work

Kathleen Dunn

Feb 1, 2019

Loved working with Sue! We had her help us with our new puppy, but it turns out our older dog was also paying attention. I now have two very well behaved dogs. Sue also gave us some good advice on feeding and we've noticed a considerable improvement in our dogs' health. I recommend Alexandria Dog Training Company without hesitation.

Tb G:


100% recommend! We are new dog owners and adopted a rescue dog that had virtually no training. Sue has helped us tame our "wild beast" (she is a sweet 16lbs) and also educated us on all things dog (food, treats, schedules, health, etc). She comes to our house for training and is extremely patient with us and our little pooch. We are still working with Sue and look forward to how much more our doggie will learn!