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Alexandria Dog Training Company is honored to be selected as the

Best of Alexandria

2021 Winner:

Dog Trainer

Based on independent evaluation by the Alexandria Award Program for local businesses. Each year, the Alexandria Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional success in their local community and business category. The 2021 Alexandria Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity.

Covid-19/Coronavirus Update:

Alexandria Dog Training Company is now offering initial Consultations and Preschool sessions via Skype. Please CALL for further info: (703) 626-7809. For in-person, on-leash lessons, you will need to sign a waiver on the first in-person lesson. On-leash lessons are outdoors so masks are no longer required. I'm fully vaccinated but also always carry a mask with me and am perfectly happy to wear one if you are not yet vaccinated, so please don't hesitate to request that masks be used. Be well!

Alexandria Dog Training Company offers experienced, professional training and instruction with hundreds of dogs trained one-on-one and over 35 years of experience. Lessons are available at your convenience, including weeknights.

Enjoy Life With Your Dog:

Heel More, Pull Less

Basic Dog Obedience

For Puppies & Adult Dogs


In-Home Training/Contact Us

Free Consultation

Your dog can learn the following exercises and respond on one command:

* Heel on a loose leash at your side

* Sit automatically when you stop walking

* Sit Stay and Down Stay

* Extended Down Stay (stay for fifteen minutes and up)

* Down from a distance

* Come when called and sit at your side

* Out of Sight Stays (dog stays put when owner is not in sight -- on leash with dog being monitored for safety)

Your dog will learn to respond promptly the FIRST time you ask, not make you say it over and over or ignore you altogether.

The consultation offers the trainer an opportunity to get some background on the dog's behavior at home, discover what difficulties you may be having, and assess the dog's personality and temperament in order to tailor training techniques to the individual animal and customize training to suit your family. The consultation also provides an opportunity for you to ask any questions you may have.

If you would like to schedule a consultation (which runs approximately one hour), please CALL and LEAVE A MESSAGE with Breed (or mix) and Dog's Age at (703)626-7809. Thank you!

Other services available:

Advanced Obedience Training

Competition Obedience Lessons

Show Handling Classes

Service Dog Training

The Alexandria Dog Training Company LLC is Licensed and Insured.

Interested in a free consultation or more information?


(703) 626-7809.



Please provide

a call-back number. Calls will be returned during normal business hours Monday - Saturday.

Thanks so much for your interest in Alexandria Dog Training Company

Alexandria Dog Training Company TRAINS SERVICE DOGS

for Veterans Moving Forward. VMF is a non-profit organization that provides free Service Dogs to veterans.

Alexandria Dog Training Company provides training for dogs at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria to help homeless dogs find new homes. Click the button below to see our photos of shelter dogs in training around Old Town!

Shelter Dogs in Training

AKC Temperament Test Evaluator

AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator